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Sabtu, 09 Juni 2012

Gary Critcher's Lotus 72 DVD

Gary is working on a DVD about the Lotus 72 and send from time to time info about how things are going to the group of avid fans waiting for it to be finished: 

*Hi all, thought I'd give you an update on what has been happening recently. *You may know that we filmed an interview with Herbie Blash back in March.* 

*Things have been a little quite since then, but it all starts up again tomorrow when we will be filming an interview with Dave 'Beaky' Sims who was a mechanic at Team Lotus all through the 60's up to 1971.* 

*Dave is currently in the UK on a very rare trip from his home in the U.S., so it's rare opportunity we have tomorrow!* 
** *My friend (and former Lotus Chief Mechanic) Bob Dance will be over after lunchtime to join in and I intend to film the both of them talking about working at Team Lotus in the 60s, which should be fun!* 

*This second set of filming is not specifically for the 72 video (Bob never worked on the car), in fact, I don't have a project in mind as yet for this footage, but just want to get it 'in the can' for the future, this is an opportunity too good to miss.* 

** *Lastly, can I put in a good word for the Grand Prix Mechanics Trust? They do good work for former mechanics that may have fallen on hard times or are ill, visit their website here* ;

If you're interested in buying the DVD when its ready drop Gary a line:


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