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Sabtu, 25 Desember 2010

New Palio Style Sport 1.6 My dream come true car delivered

Dear Puggers,

My heart is emotion packed to tell you all that my "Dream Come True" Palio Style Sport 1.6 has been delivered to me on Friday (17-12-2010). When the dhamaka offer was in progress (may be 6-8 months back) I went to the showroom and saw the price was sooooo low and my mind was willing to buy 1.6 sport. But my financial commitment was tight and I was so disappointed for not able to book the car at that time.

But after my financial situation was at ease in the month of OCT and I came to know that only one palio style sport 1.6 was available through Mr. Thyagarajan from channai ambattur.

Mr. Thagarajan, thanks a lot for the information. And also thanks for the forum because of which I am having the car today.

But it was a rough argument with the sales guy in the showroom for the accessories at concorde motors mysore road bangalore. Still the following items are pending to be given to me:-

1. Owner's Manual (They told they will have to import it from chennai showroom from which car was transported to bangalore)
2. Mud flaps (will give on monday)
3. There was no speakers in the car (in e-broucher says the 1.6 sports has 4-speakers)
4. Steering bit hard (they told they have rectified during PDI, but it still exist)
5. Rear window lock button jammed (elctrician not available at the time of delivery, they told me to come on monday)

Ok anyway I am 95% happy and I wish these probs will get rectified soon.
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Minggu, 19 Desember 2010

Inboard Boat parts Wanted =AeroJet/Fagole

Doesn't anybody have any spare parts to sell? or a Boat with a AeroJet/Fagol setup in it?? I have most of one. I have a BUNCH of cams and an Aerojet block. I don't know what the cams are out of, though.

I know of a complete unit in Portland, OR. Crank may be broken as it will not turn a full revolution but it has a spare Crosley engine from a forklift. Last time I talked to the owner and asked for a price, never got one but he likes to barter. This is the inboard unit not a VIP.

Hi, just bought a inboard Crosley motor. I want the crank but the rest is available if any of it would help. Not up to speed on AeroJet/Fagol This one must have been set up for racing as has a special hand made pan with water cooling, crankcase without a oil filler.. Rest seem to be standard Crosley. 

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Selasa, 14 Desember 2010

Group Lotus Buys Into Renault F1 Team - Cars to be Black/Gold

And Fernandes' Team Lotus signed an agreement several month's ago w/Renault Engines for engines, gearboxes & hydraulics. Should be fun!! Morale - Don't get in Bahar's path!! He may go down in flames, but it will be an incredible conflagration.

Lotus Links Up With Renault F1 for 2011 Season Dec 8, 7:39 AM (ET) 
Email this Story By STUART CONDIE

LONDON (AP) - Group Lotus has linked up with Renault for next year's Formula One championship, raising the possibility of two teams racing under the famous name in 2011.

Lotus reappeared in F1 in 2010 after a 16-year absence with Group Lotus licensing the name to Tony Fernandes' Lotus Racing, but Renault said Wednesday that the new seven-season agreement to create Lotus Renault GP "marks the complete return of the Lotus manufacturer to the sport."

Group Lotus will own and run the team with Luxembourg-based Genii Capital, which has completed the purchase of Renault's stake in the team. Renault will continue to supply the engines and technical support.

"We're well aware that there has been a lot of controversy around the usage of our brand in F1 and I'm delighted to be able to formally clarify our position once and for all," Group Lotus Chief Executive Dany Bahar said. "We are Lotus and we are back."

Renault, which finished fifth in the 2010 constructors' championship with Robert Kubica and Vitaly Petrov on board, will race in the traditional black-and-gold Lotus livery until the end of the 2017 season.

"We will continue to enjoy a strong relationship with Renault over the coming seasons," Renault F1 chairman Gerard Lopez said.

But Fernandes, the Malaysian businessman who runs the AirAsia airline and tried to buy the English Premier League soccer club West Ham this year, is pursuing a case through London's High Court to keep the right to use the name. Fernandes responded to the new agreement on Twitter: "Never felt better about our future and Team Lotus. Looks like (they're) trying to hijak our black and gold idea."

Fernandes plans to rebrand Lotus Racing, which failed to score a point in 2010, as Team Lotus for next season after buying the name from David Hunt, who had owned it since the original team's financial collapse in 1994.

The team even announced its own black-and-gold color scheme at last month's season-ending Abu Dhabi Grand Prix. But Malaysian state-owned car maker Proton, which owns Group Lotus, contends that its right to the name takes precedence.

Lotus was formed in 1952 and went on to win 79 F1 races and seven constructors' titles between 1958 and 1994 - when the team collapsed amid financial problems.

"we are Lotus and we are back" quite a statement considering it wasn't the car company who was in F1. The man amazes me. I guess he believes if he repeats the misstatement of facts/lie enough, then people will believe it. I hope Fernandes' day in court comes soon to stop the nonsense. Group Lotus should have bought back the name legally from David Hunt while they had the opportunity if they intended to enter F1 -but they didn't.
Err, if using autosport to market known, addictive carcinogens to the masses is outlawed, and you now deliberately paint your new car to look like a giant cigarette package, what happens?

At any rate, if I've understood the various machinations, sub-plots, license agreements, etc., here's my 2011 F1 spotters guide.

Lotus Renault GP Team Team Lotus Malaysian business owned by Malaysian businessman Renault engine Renault black and gold colour black and gold 5th in 2010 (Renault) F1 experience? 1 year - no points
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Sabtu, 04 Desember 2010

Problems with strangely


I'm facing two problems with my Stile - its 3.5 years old, and has 25K kms on it.

1) The odometer is behaving strangely for the past 3-4 months. While driving, the needle suddenly goes to 0, and after a few meters, it goes back to the correct speed. Initially it was doing it intermittently, now its behaving like this more frequently, and its taking more time to start working again. When i checked it at BU Bhandari workshop in Pune, the advisor (his name is Javed) told me that the cluster needs to be changed, and it costs around Rs 17K. Anyone else faced this problem?
2) I gave it for a general check-up after 25K, and they rotated the tyres, balanced the wheels. Now, while driving above 40kms/hr, i hear a constant noise from the wheels, a noise when something is rotating, as if there is something obstructing the wheels. When i showed it back to Javed, he tells me that there is a problem with the original Good Year tyres on the car, and that it needs replacement. The tyres are in good shape, and have good threads. Should I replace the tyres?

My 19 months young stile 1.1/9200KM only - has the 2nd problem you mention - but when speed reaches over 60, appears less "noisey" I hope the solution of Javed proves "wrong" - !!! will be taking my car end of this month to Concorde Hosur Road all the best.

I am a fellow Stile owner with 52k in 2years... Well on the speedo query I guess a local workshop may be a safe bet. On tires I guess its the age of the rubber that's making noise. You are that you have just done about 25k in 3.5years, so therefore the tires would have dried out and would become a lot harder. I am somewhat facing the same issue in my AVEO which has just done about 22k in 4.5 years. 

i have not faced the first problem but yes the second one was haunting me about a month back. I had shown that to the BUB and Ms. ujjawala had told me that it is due to the tyre and not the wheel bearing. Then I took minty to a local mechanic he put the blame on the bearings, then went to pandit auto and met rahul / babar, he took a test drive and told me that it is about the tyre. I told him that i will be going on a long trip and he told me not to worrry about it. then as per his advice i got my tyre changed from front to rear at darshan tyres, kothrud. amazingly the tyre noise has reduced by 90% and had no issue in almost 1400 km running in 5 days on our trip. you can also try the same and also the term of hardning of the rubber is also used by the tyre changing person at darshan. harshadpalio slx minty white 20190+ running smooth and great(tomorrow going to the birthplace).

Welcome to the failed-odometer club. Wonder if one day there will be a class action lawsuite on Fiat for providing faulty odometers on stiles. :D  I have came across a lot of 1.6 stiles (post 2007) with failed odo/speedos after my car's odo went dead. Btw, regarding the tyres problem, do u mean the sound was not there before servicing and appeared after servicing? Am asking because this same Javed guy serviced my car at BUB and I had found him to be suspicious.

He had done couple of costly services which I hadnt asked him to do (WA/WB, some radiator job) and there were couple of spurious charges in the final invoice that he wasnt able to explain clearly. Secondly, on the pretext of installing camber bolt he made me leave the car there overnight, and next day ~8am in the morning he told me to pickup the car. I had this strange chuk-chuk sound from the tyres, as if some bulge on the tyres was hitting ground. But even after camber bolts the sound remained and later on I noticed the bridgestone tyres on the rear were replaced with good-year assurance!

So ultimately even after servicing worth 7k both my problems - dead odometer and chuk chuk sound remained. I was a newbie to cars then (I still am, just a bit better) and I had baught the car about a month ago that time; so I put it all down to my lack of knowledge and overtrust. 'Akkalkhaate jamaa' as they call it in marathi.

I later on took the car to Darhsan tyres on FC road. Got him to check the problem, changed couple of tyres on his recommendations, and the sound was gone. The culprit was a minute wear on the tyre, which I could have neither spotted nor suspected. Maybe u can take ur car to some tyre expert and get the tyres examined.
Good luck with the speedo/odo problem.

Also, if the tyres are rotated, the tyre surface is not exactly the same on all the tyres after prolonged usage. Hence, the tyres will not give you a smooth drive because some parts of the tyre are exposed more than others after the rotation.

After using the tyres in the newly rotated position for about a 1000 kms, the tyres should wear out evenly in their new position & the drive should be smoother.
This has been my personal experience after I rotated the tyres for the first time & Dr. Sunil had given the above advice.
Never have your wheel alignment done at BUB, they screw it up big time. Secondly, regarding the odometer problem. I am having the same problem & showed my car to a local garage which is FIAT specialist. The mechanic put his head under the bonnet & simply asked me if I also get intermittent jerks when I am driving. I replied in affirmative to this & he said that this is due to the kilometer sensor going kaput. Need to replace this under warranty now once I have the time for it.
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