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Sabtu, 14 April 2012

The 3M plastic and emblem adhesive

Anyone out there got any suggestions on how to mount the "Super" emblems on my Hotshot? The posts are tiny, Fonda at Service Motors, suggested ear ring backs but they are too small. Anyone?

3M plastic and emblem adhesive number 08061 the pro!s choice. The push on clips are available, you may have to do a little searching. I will look in my stash to see if I have that size. There is usually a couple of vendors at larger car flea markets with collections of clips of all size. I'm sure someone has them online if you can figure out what to search for.

The 3M plastic and emblem adhesive will work, I used it on a Ford emblem that I could not easily get to the back of to attach right, but it tends to be permanent and you may regret it some day. I used some devices that come with military insignias and also typical things bikers put on their leather vests. Those that I have on my vest are very old and special to me so I replace the slip-on deals with 1/16 inch wheel collars that are used on my model air planes. They will hold em real well and can also be used on yer Crosley stuff.

See this site if you would like some............

The clips can be found, however if you can't find them, I recommend against any surface adhesive. Those emblems can be hard to replace, and tough to remove using an adhesive. I have used small balls of the 2 part dry epoxy on the inner surface over the pins with great success, Then if you want to remove them later, you can crush the epoxy with a pliers and remove the emblem. I have also attached and removed crests from the nose that way.
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Senin, 02 April 2012

Crosleys are addictive...

I first found out about Crosleys by finding a random 'hot rod' project for $200. The hot rod turned out to be a DYI plan built body built on all Crosley running gear. Then I bought a wagon to see what the stock one's were like, and then I found some extra engines...

I had been looking for a 37 Buick to restore for 10 years! I finally found one a few months ago, and then drove 400 miles to get it! I was ecstatic!!!!!  I just put the buick up on CL for $1800 to fund more Crosley parts and to try and maybe find a sedan somewhere.... When forced to choose which vehicle to sell to fund the others, it came down to one of the Crosleys, or my impossible to find Buick. The Buick lost. I am still honestly a little surprised myself... must be great cars.

I am sorry to inform you that you are probably afflicted with Rustycrosleyosis, a highly contaigous disease that afflicts most of us. If you search past entries on this board, you will find a more complete description of the disease. I have been telling people for years that Crosleys are still the Auto hobby's best bargain. You get more attention at shows, have more fun and are associated with the finest people on the planet. If you aren't already, may I recommend a membership in the Crosley Automobile Club as you will find even more leads to cars available from people you know there. Also please consider coming to the National show in July as you may find a car there but at least you will spend time with a fun loving group of people who love these little cars. Depending on where you live, you may also find that there is a regional show in your area to attend this summer or fall. Enjoy your cars and let us know how we can help!!!
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