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Senin, 30 Mei 2011

Rear brake drum

Some of you guys may already know this but i found a way to get the rear brake drum off if you don't have a puller. On the 6 inch drums you can get a socket through the holes on the front of the drum and remove the nuts that hold the axle seal, then you just use a decent sized hammer and hit the backing plate a few hard wacks and the axle comes right out. Then you can take axle and drum to a press and press the drum off the axle.

On the 9 inch and disc, if you can't get the drum or rotor off, I took a air disc cutter and cut the 4 bolts on the back of the backing plate and cut off the heads, then took a punch and punched them through to the inside of the drum, the hit the backing plate a few good wacks and the axle comes right out. 

It is easier if the rear end is out of the car.

I thought I would just pass this on.

you can buy a puller from Mac's for under $3.00 + postage and if used properly they do work.
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Minggu, 15 Mei 2011

How often do we need to get the emission testing?

I know that emission testing certificate is valid only for 6 months, But I would like to know for Punto Petrol and Multijets (Includes Stile) engine which are Euro V certified what are the rules from Indian RTO's. I am sure our traffic cops will know nothing about FIAT engines and Euro V compliance, I don't want to be ignorant in front of them :)

its the same irrespective. Keep in mind though some states have a validity of only 3 months for an emission test. make sure you verify what is written on the certificate too, 6 months, in most states, i think. The type of engine doesn't matter. Just to make sure the car remains Euro V/ BSIII compliant throughout its life.

Please do not take it otherwise, but you seem to be even more ignorant that what you are claiming about the cops (Their duty is to check compliance). Do you understand Euro V or whatever does not have any meaning in India. We have BSIV and III at present, which is as exhaustive and rigorous as it should be. Also merely putting sticker of being Euro V or BSIV does not make you compliant; for that your vehicle need to pass the test (every 3 months). So please stop cribbing about cops being ignoramus (and they dont give a damn whether it is a Fiat or other) Get you car checked for pollution, the certificate will tell you the expiry date also.

You got me all wrong. I think, I did not put things correctly. What I meant was, going by the figures & Values of What Euro V and BSIV stand for - Should the cops question Euro V certified car owner about emission certificates. European Norms are more stringent then Indian. Next time when I visit the showroom, I should question the Manager about when should the first emission certificates be done for new Linea/Punto's - is it as soon as the car is moved out of showroom or after 6 months or 1 yr or ... hmmm?

If you are buying a new car, its certified by fiat for a certain period of time. Emission norms come into force after a certain amount of time depending on what car you are driving (I.e. diesel or petrol). Really don't care whether the cops know their jobs or not its always good to be complaint. Dont forget that if you car is not tuned properly, even your engine takes a beating and not just the environment. Get it tuned regularly, get your initial checks done diligently and rest easy. You need to worry about the cops only if you are not complaint. 
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