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Rabu, 30 Maret 2011

Microcar Reunion

The Microcar Reunion is drawing closer. Only 65 more days til it starts. And the rooms in Madison are filling up. Hope everyone has made their reservations. The host hotel is the Comfort Inn behind Pizza Hut. We will use the meeting room there for our base for the weekend.

The Lipstick Ride still has room for another car. If interested you will need to let me know as soon as possible. We will be making the room reservations in the next few days. Come on ladies, now is the time to drive a microcar on a trip and not have men around judging you or your driving. This is going to be a lot of fun. One big party that last for a week!!!!!

Hope everyone brings parts and cars for sale to the Microcar Reunion. I have several vendors that are going to bring their parts to this meet on Saturday. Hope to have local Fiat dealer there with a new Fiat 500. Good to see some of you guys from Ca coming to the meet. As always it is great to fellowship around the cars with you. Of course there will be lots of fellowship at the motel in the evenings as always. I am sure you will not want to miss any of the free beverages that usually pop up. Nothing like getting free beer out of an Isetta or maybe a little Fiat 500. Hope someone doesn't forget the fun meters.

We will have some T shirts available for sale at the meet. Hope to have a pic of them up very soon. They will be $10 each. And we will only do a very limited number of them. Probably would be good for you to send me email if you are wanting one, as I think they will go pretty fast. We don't want to have any left over after the meet, so we will not make a lot of them.

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Minggu, 20 Maret 2011

LPG for my S10! Need help!

Sequential CNG kit cost roughly around 50-60K and a normal may cost around 25-30 K, thats why I said double the cost. The kit comes with everything, injectors, rail, cpu, pressure regulator and hoses. I got it done at Autogas Gurgaon who are the only authorised agents for Lovato sequential. There are other brands also who are doing sequential, like Tomesto et al. I have added some photos in the section with album "Sequential CNG on Petra 1.6". You have said twice the nornal cost. Can you give a break up of the cost involved with regard to changing Injectors, ECU etc. 

If you really want to give a chance, go for a sequential CNG/LPG. if will cost twice as the normal kit. I am using a Lovato Sequential CNG (FAST kit) on my Petra 1.6, there is absolutely no power loss and I get a mileage of 17/Kg with range of about 150km with 9 kg gas (with in city).

The process requires Gas injectors fitted on the intake manifold just like the Petrol Injectors. There is a separate ECU which is used for Gas, it basically copies the original ECU software from original ECU and modifies it to gas conditions. Thats why you dont require any tuning and engine works as if it works on Petrol. I will put some pics soon.

Please do not put a regular kit, it will ruin the engine.

NO NO NO. Santosh, pls get the idea out of your head. Its like putting Monica Belluci on a diet of rice gruel and asking her to still maintain her bootylicious figure. 

I ve seen and followed your posts and know with how much passion you searched for and restored your beauty not to mention the innumerable doubts and questions on the BBM group. Besides its harmful effects on
the engine innards as rightly pointed out you wud probably incur more expenditure in the long run. you are already getting a fantastic figure on gasoline. why mess.

You bought her to enjoy your drive and with this beauty imho that comes at a price...! keep using your zen and give your italian girl a 'beauty drive' when she needs it. it may be just one less dinner outing for the family a month, but its ok..honestly. ;)

Its a man thing.!..cmon.

I'm pretty sure that this must be a done to death topic but I still need to ask you guys. As most of you know, my S10 hit the roads after her beauty treatment about a month ago. She is a head turner pretty much everywhere I go. I have done more than a 1000 kilometers already and I'm happy to report an FE of 10.25 kmpl (420 kilometers from 41 liters of premium fuel). That brings it to 62/10 = 6.2 Rs/Km which I think is pretty much the top score for the GTX/S10 engine.

Now Delhi is a place for long distances and heavy traffic. My office is 22 kilometers from my home and that means roughly 300 bucks a day just to office and back! I have a Maruti Zen too and she doesn't like Petrol as much as the S10. So I end up taking her out more often than my Yellow beauty and that's something I don't like really. 

CNG is out of question -- when I bought the car it had CNG and I had it removed (I had this thing that the kit must be hurting my baby bad! Right or wrong but I had that feeling.). I drive on highways too and CNG is useless as it does not give me any range whatsoever.

So LPG or Autogas. That's the only alternative. Here is the math: A 60 liter tank that stores roughly 50 odd liters of Autogas. Counting a 10% decrease in FE, at 9 kmpl I get a range of 450 kilometers. At 35 rupees to a liter and at 9 kilometers to a liter I get Rs 3.89 per Km as compared to Rs. 6.2 per Km. That is a 37% decrease in my fuel bills. So if I was spending ten thousand bucks I now spend only about six thousand three hundred. Plus I get the range. No, I am strictly against domestic cylinder usage and I will not resort to that for cost saving. And lets not compare this with CNG at all. Lets just talk about LPG. I have taken the quote from the best guy in Delhi (www.*ecogas* and he has promised the best fit and finish and tuning for an all inclusive cost of Rs. 10,000/- which is not too much for a one time expense (which I should be able to cover in two months max). 

So the pros: 

1. Cost saving. 
2. Environment. 
3. Same range tank full to tank full.


1. I lose my precious boot. 
2. Adverse effect on engine? 
3. Increased maintenance? 
4. Safety risks?

I need all your help and advice guys. MN, Ram, Joe, Rudrah, Doc and all the helpful experts here. Please chip in with your advice. I love my car and I want to be able to drive it more often.

Please help.

I had asked the guy to fit a sequential closed loop kit. He told me that a closed loop kit can only be installed in a Euro-3 engine while my 2003 S10 is a Euro-2. Is that right? Is your car a Euro-3 or Euro-2? Can anyone with an LPG installed in a 1.6 please also chip in?

Is the complete changing of the Injectors, ecu, etc is all done by Autogas. Do they have any branch in Mumbai, i do not want to change but would like to see if they have done something here.

You have said twice the nornal cost. Can you give a break up of the cost involved with regard to changing Injectors, ECU etc.

Its not "changing" of injectors. CNG is an alternate fuel, so therefore the injectors, rail and CPU are added. The petrol injectors, rail, cpu everything remains as it is, after all car runs on petrol when out of CNG. One more thing, there is a switch in the dash which automatically turn on Petrol-CNG and vise versa. The car starts with petrol, once the temperature reaches certain threshold CNG starts automatically. If the car runs out of gas, it gives a beep and turns back to petrol. There is absolutely no difference felt during the changeover. My car was giving me Rs 6/Km mileage types now it is giving Rs 1.75/Km.

With all the perfect calculations behind the maths getting the LPG/CNG on your S10, this might go wrong in the long run if you really go for it.

Installing a LPG kit causes no immediate adverse effect on the engine - except that the engine life reduces by 5% or so - but it depends on the maintenance basically. Besides, there might be a power loss, thou the 1.6 will make over it.

But I second with Ravveendraa here. The Palio 1.6 was designed for Petrol only. A change in the fuel type will cause a problem in the long run.

Here is a quote from another forum who used LPG on his Siena 1.2: "I got lpg kit installed on my Siena 1.2 (now sold). There was no drop in power but the engine was smoother when run on petrol. The mileage was 10% lesser than the mileage i got on petrol. One problem is i noticed is that the hose that connects from air filter to FI system got squeezed and service engineer found the fault with LPG kit. He mentioned that it's common with Fiats fitted with LPG kits. Anuroop, fiat dealer in Hyd also installs kits in Fiat cars. They use Minda kits."

Please do a good research before you transform the sexy Monica Belluci to Vidya Balan :))
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Minggu, 13 Maret 2011

Late 80's van - Pathfinder vs Advanced 4x4 vs ??

I have a 95 Quigley Chevy 4x4 3/4 ton van for sale for ONLY $2500!! Located in charleston SC. Call andy for details at 843-412-2926

Any pics you could send???? I too am about to be on the hunt for a 4x4 van.

If you take the time to call me and are serious about purchasing I wil send pics of the 95 Quigley 4x4 chevy van for sale. PLEASE CALL ME @ 843-412-2926 OR E-mail To clarify further. I'm after a 4wd van, that can either haul a bike inside, or  haul people inside, and tow a trailer with one of my bikes. I do have a preference for vans with windows, and not a panel van. Just thought I'd elaborate some more.

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