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Rabu, 04 Januari 2012

Roof racks and brush guards for Ford Van

Sometime you having trouble finding anybody who makes a good looking huge roof rack and a brush guard for your 4x4 Ford Van. Any suggestions?

Nothing cheap unless you assemble yourself. Custom or standard racks $500-800. You see at and here, too, Brush bar & $1000 at

I also have a Kargomaster. Check at\rack-systems/heavy-duty-pro-ii-van-cargo-rack.html on may Chevy van. It attaches to the rain gutters so it would work on a Ford van as well. 

It is very sturdy. I put an old innner tube around the gutter clamps to try to keep it from buggering up my rain gutters.

The new one has a cool roller on the back to help get stuff on the roof. They are about $700. They have bars every 4' or so. It was less than idea for carrying stuff shorter that 4' so we decked it over. The deck is nice for sitting on at the beach or camping. We have put a tent up there.

I built a ladder that swings up so you can get to the back doors. It is less than ideal so I will build a side ladder when I get around to it. We mostly use our van for driving on the beach so no brush bar is needed. 

That Kargomaster one is pretty good looking.
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