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Rabu, 15 Juni 2011

Blr PUG meet--A report

The PUG-Blr meet finally happened and our sincere thanks to all the efforts put in by Paresh and co. The meeting point—Concorde, Mysore Road saw 2 early birds—Paresh and Hemanth in their Black beauties joined in by Prashant's Magnesium Gray and Jagan's Ferrari Red 1.6 simultaneously. Soon, Rajesh joined in his 1.6 stile (silver gray) and Venkat came in a bike as his 1.9D was in his hometown. Once Karthik and Chetan arrived in his Red MJD (Punto color), we wasted no time in heading towards Kamat Lokaruchi, just past Ramnagaram. 

The traffic was unusually heavy or is it usual I wonder on a late Sunday morning. It appeared all the Bangalore
janta wanted to get out of town in a tearing hurry, going by the reckless driving we saw. I don't blame them though :)
We reached Kamat in less than an hours time and were pleasantly surprised to see traditional folk artists giving us a 'sound' welcome (Dolukunitha). The beating of drums were threatening to stall free speech when thankfully the CM arrived next door and might have given some sound bite to the artists…… All us hungry souls started ordering food at abt 10.30 and the conversation flowed. We had one more PUGian joining in—Abhinav –has a lovely yellow signature S10. After b'fast and coffee, we went back to our beauties and the admiration of the beasts reached such proportions that the ladies in the group (Karthik's family) were totally ignored and sidelined. Sorry ladies, but then this is what fiat does….. blame it on Fiat and not us please….
A few test drives and checking out the clutches followed and later, Paresh guided the cars to be parked in a semi circle for a photoshoot. By this time Sanjeev joined in in his 2004 1.9D, which has clocked 12,000kms in all. Some of us wanted to make sure it was not after clocking 1 lakh kms!! If ever Sanjeev plans to sell his beast, he has been given an ultimatum to inform PUG first!! 
Blr, home to maximum Palios and maximum PUGians gave a uninspiring response. I thank all the members who attended today for making the meet a grand success.

I am sorry I couldn't make it. Every time, I miss I make myself a promise but some how not able to make it.

Feeling real bad.

It was good to meet everyone after the last one with Fiat folks a while ago.
Got to admit that the S10 added the glamour quotient to the whole set and Sanjeev's 1.9 is in a different league altogether ;)
Look forward to the next one.

Thanks also to Paresh for organizing the whole thing. I feel honoured that you guys actually waited for me to show up. And many thanks to the lady who took shots of all of us with our cars. Will upload ASAP.
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