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Selasa, 27 Desember 2011

engine identification

I have an extra engine that came with my 1951 super wagon it has a serial # of 115003, does any one know what is out of. the engine in the car which runs good has a serial # of onl 5 digits, (first two are 39---) I have been told that it is out of a 47. I am just starting to restore it all and want to find what is correct and what is not.

It started life as a CoBra sheet metal block engine. I assume it has been upgraded to cast iron block, most have. Most of the difference between the 48 engine and the 51 is internal, assuming it has not been at least been partially updated. The 51 had a better crankcase, crank, seals, bigger clutch, etc.

The info I gave was for the installed engine # 39XXX. 115003 is probably the origina engine for your 51 wagon.
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Minggu, 18 Desember 2011

As soon as possible register your car for the Crosleys

I screwed up big time. With switching jobs, and trying to relearn everything about the trucking business( I have been away from it for 25 years). I completely forgot that we were supposed to have most of our applications for the Awkscht Fescht in by Dec 31st . 

Shirley called me yesterday from the Ontelaunee Region who organizes the show, and told me they only have one registered car for the Crosleys. They were seriously thinking about pulling the Crosleys out, and bringing in another make. They do not want to look like idiots and have only 3 cars show up for the featured class. Plus, they need to get an idea of how big an area we are going to need, to help with the preplanning. I told her it was my fault, that I did not tell anybody about the early deadline.

If you are planning on coming, I need you to email, phone, or write me as soon as possible. I will need to know how many cars you are bringing, and what year make, and model they are. Dave, and I will fill out the application, and send it in with the money. Then you can just send us a check for the amount. By registering early they give us a $3.00 per car per day discount. The dates are August 3rd, 4th, and 5th in Macungie, Pa. We can still register cars up till July 1st.but after Jan 1st it is $13.00 per car per day.Barry Seel 484-358-5785 after 5:30 pm. or crosley19 @

Welcome to my world! After my failing to show up the last two years I'm going to make it this year even if I have to drag the car to Macungie. Put me down for one '52 Super Hotshot Saturday and Sunday. $20. in the mail Monday.
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Jumat, 09 Desember 2011

Petra D, how about you ?

I find one Petra D 2004 model 109345 kms on odo. Single owner on papers and the head of engine is with oil leaks and hoses and clamps seems to worn out. But the body and other electricals seem good and all power windows and mirrors working. Head lamps with water vapors and even right side with algae. Mech say these are all small and can be rectified within 5k. He suggest to go ahead since diesel engines are rare and condition can be improved. As the deficiencies are cosmetic only, can it be corrected or will it be a bit deeper since worn out parts show negligence by previous owner(s)?

2L for 1L kms done car in this condition is too ambitious. Since its negotiable, to get at a decent price. Ensure, you know the real costs involved in getting her back to 100% trouble free running condition. The car is registered at Chennai, run in Salem and now with a dealer in Chennai. The dealer say 1.20 Lakh quote by someone was not acceded to by the owner. I suspect it as a bait. I have pics of the engine oil leaks. May be 1.25 Lakhs do clinch the deal. Mech say all can be rectified, even without seeing the car.

A friend started the car and after looking under bonnet, say it is just head gasket leak and may not cost much. As the car tyres are bald and with low air, TD was not possible. Also this adds up more suspicion. I am at dark as to this is ok? or wait for another Petra or Siena? My travel would be on highways to my native, 100 kms away from Chennai, on weekends. For within Chennai drive, i have a small petrol car-Matiz.

I changed my small darling Matiz for a Petra (albeit a 1.6). 1.9's are great engines, but have their share of issues, check if any PUG can also inspect the car with you. Just 1 more thing, Petra is an excellent highway cruiser and the best part is its massive ( 500 ltrs) boot. So long drives is really comfy with all your luggage in the boot. If what your mech says is true, go for it. Its a wonderful and safe car.

Power windows, Central Locking, Electrically operated ORVMs, Alloy wheels, Imported velvet upholstery, etc, etc. Anything between 1.5 and 2 lakhs, just grab it. Just to get an idea,If you don't mind pl share me details viz. How much did you pay to get the Petra (1.6)? Odo and the year? How much it cost on regular maintenance? I am aware that urs is petrol. Though i am eager to clinch the deal, i did not show my enthu to dealer, fearing more cost. Your suggestions give confidence.

Inputs are quite encouraging. All upholstery and paint show age and faded. Tyres are all bald.Audio set is swapped for a cheaper one. But i do not mind these. I am concerned about oil leak on engine. Friend say either it is rocker or head gasket. 

I got it for 1.40 lacs with 70k,2005 model, with all accessories including Stanley leather seats and brand new Michelin shoes. Gave it for service last week, costed me 6791/- exact, with oil change, oil and air filters changed, break pad set changed and a 3M engine flush. This is at Concorde motors, Mysore rd , Bangalore. The average, without any major repairs, service cost will be 4k every 6 months or 7500 kms.

The only downside being the mileage it 8.5 ~ 9.5 only 50% ac, in city at best, but in highway have got 14kmpl with speeds of 100kms, but have been told that if we maintain 2000~2500 rpms in the HW we can expect to better it by at least 1kmpl.

This car is for HW cruising, amazing comfort and stability, you can actually whiz past modern day "Fast" cars with ease. Just look at any parts to be replaced at the rear of the car, like petrol filling door or brake lamps, as these parts are difficult to get, as this where the car differs from Palio, rest is same as Palio, so relatively easier to get parts.

Tail lamp is broken and fixed with some red tape. I think here M/s Mahavir of GP rd may source these parts.Moreover i am not much worried about looks. More cared for functional parts.
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Minggu, 04 Desember 2011

Solenoid swith and a lesson

Today I got my advy's solenoid switch of the starter motor changed. I have a learnt a lesson today. Never go by the hype created by any 'famous fiat mechanic'. I took my car to a local mechanic today next to my house. He removed the checked the starter system and found out that the solenoid switch has conked off. The same thing was told to me by Somu of concorde motors mysore road without checking the system. The mechanic removed the switch from the motor and gave it to me. I called our 'fiat mechanics' mr. venkatesh and mr. hariprasad to check if they have stoks, both of them said it is very difficult to get the same and if need be they can alter the conked off switch and make it work.

I took a chance with local motor spare shops in Bangalore (JC Road). The fifth shop i inquired had the same switch, albeit a different tiwanese brand one and not the genuine valio brand. I paid rs. 900/- for the switch and rs.350/- for installation. 

Lesson learnt - what ever the 'famed fiat mechanics' say is not very true. Many such parts are available with local vendors. 

This is really interesting. If I went through a similar problem, I had to replace the entire starter unit (valeo). I had to shell out 9k to get it running. I got this juggad done by Mr. Venkatesh for 1.8K few months ago, I was told the same thing that it can be fixed. Learnt my lesson the hard way...... beware folks with the trusted mechanics as well.

Sriram details please on the store you picked up from will be helpful. I am planning on sourcing most of these parts from either local or outside agencies and pay labor to get it fitted. I too almost fell for this jugaad by venkatesh and hariprasad. I went back to the mechanic to retrieve the complete starter set and he adviced me that the part is surely available if u look for it and asked me not to get the refurbish done. I gave it a shot. I picked up the switch from chitresh automotive spares. If u are coming on jc road from Minerva signal, Take a left at the next signal. A little further on that road, the next corner I guess is the shop.
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