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Selasa, 28 September 2010

Fiat Official Reply - Dhamaka Offer

Hi All,

I am Harshad from Trivandrum. I'd had a booked Palio SDX 1.3 during the dhamaka offer (Booking date - 30 June 2010).

This has been quite a frustrating experience as every time the dealer commits for a delivery and then backs out. Last month, he confirmd that there will be 5 palios reaching September end, which never came along.
Today I called up the Fiat call center number from their website and they unworriedly informed that Palios are no longer going to be produced. This has been by far my worst experiences.. someting which is just not acceptable from a global company.

I wanted to check with you guys

1) Has anybody has availed discount of Punto from Fiat as a goodwill gesture?
2) Is there any use of going to consumer courts to sue Fiat?

No use. Just as them for a discount but even that will be small. Looks like they decided the are stopping production and then issue an advert for the remaining cars which I'm sure are snapped by those having people working there.

As an alternative you can get used ones from 08 or even 09, just keep a look out.

thank your lucky stars...... just take your booking money back and buy any other car.. imagine people who already have one and running pillar to post for service and spares!! you are a lucky man.. come on..

i had palio form dhamaka offer and to my experience is very bad since then i had some issues with the car which are still pending it has been three months my complains are still pending, despite communication with top officials with the help of PUG its not complete yet fiat has taken 3 months to provide steering wheel and its still on its way yet not reached me, and so many other things if i write it will take one whole day. And SPARES AVAILABILITY WILL BE MAJOR ISSUE NOW, SAY SERVICE WE CAN MANAGE FROM OTHER GARAGES BUT WHO WILL PROVIDE SPAREES AS FIAT HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH IT THEY WORK LIKE KING """ WE DONT HAVE IN STOCK,,,, PRODUCTION HAS STOPPED BL;A BLAA """"""""""ARE THE ANSWERS AND WVERONE KNOWS ABOUT TATA A**

Thank you guys for your replies.. I guess that is end of Fiat story for me. You guys are missing something here. The palio variants going out of  production is a 1 year old story. Everybody knew it or had a whiff of  it. FIAT themselves were not encouraging bookings. So, REALISTICALLY, The 'dhamaka offer' was a clearance sale, Pioneered by our very own PUG members and extended nation wide. All those who booked under the scheme knew fully well that FIAT has 'step motherly  treatment' towards Palios and are not very interested. Everybody knows this. There are issues with service, spares and what not. Yet you undertook the risk of purchasing the car that is at its fag end of production, for it seemed 'value for money' and you had reasons of your own.

Now every SALE be it clothing or electronics comes with fine print like " no warranty, no exchange". We pick up stuff knowing the risk fully well.. same goes here....!

Pravin, there is no point is crying. You knew fully well that the Palios are being stopped and service is shaky. There are threads on  this forum about the same. Yet you decided to book the same and go ahead. The problem then is in your backyard and now u will have to learn to live with it, else u should have gone in for some other car or picked up a Punto, where the service spares etc is better. why the dying Palio..? Just because it came at a throw away price..!. That to me would be an absolutely silly decision.

I bought my 1.6 stile in Jan 2009 with a discount knowing fully well about the consequences. The 1.6 was being stopped and I knew spares would be a bigger problem, because it already was a big problem. Infact spares for the 1.6 are even more rare than the multijet. And i pity the 1.9D owners. Thats even worse..!

Atleast you have the swift DDIS and the TATA VISTA engines, Punto diesel etc for company and engine spares can be procured. So, i dont know what this 'I cant get spares talk is all about'. You guys are definitely in a better position. if you are talking about Cosmetic spares like, bumpers, steering wheel, a/c vents, headlamp units etc etc they are anyways difficult to procure for any of the old Palios. The stile models have some in stock. You should have probably checked and considered these things in the beginning before purchase and if they were not up to your standard then moved on to another model or another brand. I and some of us here in Mumbai have made an effort to develop a great rapport with the service center guys , so that i dont face any difficulty. Now these guys are friends and they take care of my car well. Spares - thanks to PUG for putting KAVA on the map, good spares can be got with not too much difficulty.

My suggestion, Try other service centers and see if they have stock. If they do, then work it out with your dealer or since your car is under warranty, u can get it done there. Alot of it also is also dealer lethargy. Im not aware of your back story. But on the contrary other people who have purchased the same SDX even some early 2009 models seem to be happy with their purchase. So, call it your bad luck. You all knew what was coming. Lets get REAL here..!

Harshad, you may be lucky ( for not owning a Lemon..!) or unlucky ( for not being able to own a great car..! with added baggage..!) depending on how you view it. But I would suggest, you take your money and move 
on. If you still want to put you money on a troubled product then do so at your own risk and don't complain. Go to the consumer court for what..? We all own palios old and new and figure out ways between ourselves to keep her up on the road in great shape, cos we love our cars dearly.


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