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Selasa, 20 Maret 2012

Leaking fuel Palio GTX ... problems still continue

The car is a 2002 Palio Sport 1.6L, So after 3 months i finally got the car back from the TASS in mangalore, and bill for 16,000rs. They said they had replaced the gear box and the clutch as well. When i saw the clutch i was so furious as it did not need changing as would be great for another 10-15,000kms. But either way i was happy to have my car back after so long. 

One week later the car stops starting. As i turn the key i hear a single click noise and the engine does not turn over. Starter problem. Also the tube that runs under the bonnet to the windshield fluid nozzle was broken so the driver side nozzle would not spray out and water. I take the car to a local mechanic and get a bill of 2400rs for starter rebuild and parts costs. WOW. Nozzle could not be repaired as the parts were not available

So now i go to fill petrol in the car and right when the fuel gets to the top it starts leaking from underneath. Leaking as in probably a good 2 or 3 liters, alot of fuel. Even now the petrol level is a little under half, i notice some leaking from under the car. 

Anyone experienced this problem before? Solutions? Also, anyone know a good mechanic in udupi/mangalore area that i can take the car to? As i dont trust the TASS anymore. Please help me out and let me know. 

Same problem of fuel leaking -- when full tank is happening with me. I have diagnosed it to be from the breather/overflow pipe and the leak area is at the joint where the 'metal pipe from petrol tank' connects to the breather pipe. There is a small rubber part/bush (with a collar) that has cracked (with time/ rubber has cracked) and that is what is causing the leak.

Now finding that is a bit difficult and hence did local arrangement of putting some other rubber as a bush to hold the pipe. The leakage has reduced by 95%.

Will take it to TASS/Service station to get it fully rectified.
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Minggu, 11 Maret 2012

Mercedes V-6 diesel in Ford Van

Could someone say a little bit more about installing the Mercedes V6 diesel in the Ford vans? I have a 6.0l diesel in my 2006 E350, and I'm very unhappy with it. I'm especially interested in cost, fuel mileage, and the actual process.

All I know is that the previously mentioned install was difficult because the owner of the vehicle got only the engine and related electrical components. But he was originally told to get the entire donor vehicle because, apparently, there are computers and sensors throughout the engine/electrical/fuel (and God knows what else) systems that are integral and interdependent for proper function of the whole system. Have a big checkbook ready.
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