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Senin, 28 November 2011

assume the Lotus position

Anyone who thinks modern automobiles are better than vintage Lotus in regard to serviceability might want to read this:

"GM seemed to get a lot of things right when it introduced the new Generation 7 Chevy Malibu in 2008. I got one of the higher-end models with a six-cylinder engine and a very smooth shifting six-speed automatic transmission. I was generally happy with the car until a headlamp bulb burned out.

I went to the local auto parts store and bought a replacement bulb for about $12. Then I popped the hood and found that I couldn't get to the back of the headlight assembly. The owner's manual was no help at all -- its advice was to consult the dealer for bulb replacements.

A quick Internet search revealed the awful truth: To replace the headlight bulb, you needed to remove the front bumper (among other parts). The dealer confirmed this and quoted $150 labor to replace one bulb.

The steps needed to replace the headlight bulb are as follows:

Open the hood and remove the plastic cover above the radiator (14 screws).
Jack up the car and remove the wheel (five lug nuts).
Remove the wheel-well liner (15 screws and pop-rivets).
This exposes two bolts that hold the bumper in place; remove these bolts and slide off the end of the bumper.

Now, you can reach the three bolts that hold in the headlight assembly; remove the headlight assembly and replace the bulb. Replace everything (29 screws, nuts, bolts, and pop-rivets).

If you think you might as well replace both lamps while you're at it, you'll still have to remove the other front wheel, wheel-well liner, the other side of the bumper, and the other headlight assembly (25 additional fasteners). In my Toyota Camry, I could replace both headlight bulbs in less time than it takes to read this paragraph -- without needing a single tool. Just open the hood, twist the bulb socket a quarter turn to remove it, and plug in the new bulb."

(published in the on-line edition of Design News, "Made by Monkeys" column - always a fun read)
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Jumat, 25 November 2011

'77 Pathfinder Ford Quadravan - CHEAP -

Looking on craigslist I found a '77 E250 Pathfinder Quadravan for sale in San Diego that is sooooo cheap I had to share.

More info, click here :

So I went in-person to see if there was some parts that would help me out. The seller reduced the price to $500 while I was looking at it!!

It is rough, but complete with only 2 captains chairs in the interior. The owner said it runs great. It wouldn't pass a CA Smog check at this point (cold start air cleaner is gone) and there's 2 holes in the roof about 3" diameter that were used for antennea poles that are now open, but for $500, it might be useful to someone here.

There are no Pathfinder emblems, labels, or logos, but it's a for sure a Q-van with the radius arm/dual track bar front end and NP205 directly connected to the C6. 

I wish I had a storehouse to save this stuff when I see it!
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Rabu, 16 November 2011

the sump broke

My1.9D, got hit by a stone and the engine oil sump got broken. The engine oil drained and engine stopped. Not Sure what should I do now. Should I get it repaired or Sell car.

I dont know how would this cost me for the repair. Could not sleep properly yesterday night.

I have to spend around 10k for that. I changed 4 months back in Prerena Bangalore. As soon as the sump broke, the car stopped immediately and did not attempt to use it further? If thats the case, there should be no engine damage. Can simply get that fixed and continue using the car. Why sell ?? :)

I had a damage (Dented Scratch) to my Oil Sump, service guy advised to replace else might damage the engine. I got it replaced and it costed my around 6.5 K (MultiJet SDX). And if you have not used it after the damage you could get it reapired, there should not have been any damage to the engine.

I need to check if there is engine damage if not do as Karthik suggested. The 1.9 engine is very robust, except for the FIP, if possible do rebuild the engine it serves well. Do miss mine at times even though upgraded to MJD. 

The drivability of 1.9 as well as the effortless cruising ability is a pleasure. Drive with caution on the ground clearance limitation and you won't regret.
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Selasa, 15 November 2011

Hotshot carpeting?

All my Hotshots ether have or show signs of carpet being glued to the floorpan. I also have pics from Wauseon showing black carpets used. Is this right? What about the goofy cover over the trans-shifter assemblies? 

I don't know of any Crosley that came from the factory with carpet. Black rubber mats are what I have seen. The drive shaft hump was just paint.

I have some of that left over from building my sedan.
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Kamis, 10 November 2011


I have a small problem and I am trying to decide what to do. During the great October snowstorm on Saturday, I lost a large branch off my maple tree and it fell on 2 of my parts cars. One was a 52 wagon and the other a 49 wagon. It has crushed the roofs of both of them and broken most of the glass. The cars were not restoration projects, just parts but both had good straight roofs and glass that was good for patterns. I am trying to decide if I should make an insurance claim on them or just forget about it. What kind of value would you place on these? 

Even a parts car, especially if it was complete as yours mostly are, or were should be worth at least $500.00 ea I would think. I guess it sort of depends what your insurance deductible is...

I had a rusty parts car that was hit while parked at my place of business. It caved the drivers side door in and broke the already ruined glass in the door and the stainless was bent at the window line. It had roll up windows and the bottoms of the doors were rusted off. The engine and trans and many other pieces were already stripped. Of course the other guys insurance came out and didn't want to give me anything for the claim as he said it was a rust piece of junk. I told him it was my lawn art and I wanted it repaired to the pre-accident condition. After a few phone calls and several pictures to his boss it was desided that $200. would be a fair claim. I was more than happy with the amount as I was actually selling the car and wanted $250.00 for the car.

My suggestion would be to turn it in and see what they will give you. Remember, they don't make Crosleys any more so you can't go to the dealer and get new roofs or windows. What would it cost labor wise to repair the items damaged to pre-accident condition???
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