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Selasa, 31 Agustus 2010

wipers not coming back to their resting place

Need your help to know what could be the reason for this before I visit the service station.

The wipers blades are not coming back to their usual resting place after choosing the neutral position. On sunday, I did a long drive to Mysore and encountered some heavy rains. It all worked fine then. On Monday, i got the car washed and went out in the evening. As it was still drizzling, I used the wipers. But, to my horror, the wipers are not coming back to their usual resting place. 

Has happened in my earlier M800 and was due to worn rubber. If you havent changed the blades in the past year, consider Bosch one--been using them for abt 8 months and are excellent. But a bit surprised coz fiat has a much powerful motor and should work quite well. Probably, worth your while checking the connections too. Rarely, overzealous cleaning can cause a bit of a bend/ twisting of the blades causing it to malfunction--could have happened as a result of the wash.

I had this problem one day with my Petra. The wipers work but would not return to the resting position. I started a reboot that evening. Connected the battery cable only the next day and the wipers returned to their normal position. The only other possibility is when the earth wire from the wiper motor gest disconnected. If this happens the"Auot rest" function does not work.

My palio has same issue. I showed it to service center last year and they do not  have any solution. I also observed that after long use, 1st and 2nd has same  speed. If you stop the car for 5/10 mins it works fine again. Since, i could not  find the solution, i decided to live with it.

Your Intermittent speed is not working. It is bcoz of the circuit fitted on the wiper motor.For that u have to change a whole wiper motor assembly.Sometimes it is caused due to moisture on the circuit.It is covered under extended warranty so you can just check it out.

I have been living with this problem for an year. I was told that the entire motor assembly needs to be changed, and it will cost me about 4-5k. I have now got adjusted to this problem.
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Sabtu, 28 Agustus 2010

crosley military engine

I've got my hands on a military engine. I hope someone can tell me what it might have been used for and what the hp is.
It has a spacer plate between the block, and the crankcase to lower compression ratio, so it could run low grades of gasoline. It is 21 hp, and was probably used on a generator. That is the best engine to use to build a high performance engine.
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Kamis, 26 Agustus 2010

Eagerly waiting for my Palio Stile SLX

I've booked a Palio Stile SLX in the Dhamaka offer, and am eagerly waiting for the delivery of the car. I'm sure there are a few more guys on the list who too booked the cars in this offer. So, I thought I would like to share a mail I've got from the dealer, Prerana Motors, near HSR Layout. The mail I got is copy 'n pasted below, and my response further below. I hope this will cool any frayed nerves out there.

Dear Mr Kiran,

Greetings from Preranamotors.

We thank you all for your support in the Fait cars & apologize for the delayed supply.

We have got the information that the Palio manufacturing is still getting delayed due to some parts issues & are getting the components imported. As per the latest information only 46 units are going to be released all over india on the basis of bookings across the country. The balance numbers will be coming in the month of October.

As a matter of goodwill we are proposing for the following two options for Prerana Motors customers.

1) We will refund 49000/- to all customers who want to retain the bookings till october. Rs 1000/- will be kept towards booking & we will collect the balance after confirmation of billing.

2) We will offer 40000/- discount on available Punto Euro 3 vehicles if the customer is interested to buy Punto ( Petrol or Diesel) We feel sorry for the inconvience & appreciate your support in getting the cars delivered at the earliest.

Please call me for any clarification or you can mail me your concerns which will be forwared to Fiat motors & addressed with due respect & concern.

Thanks & regards,

My response:
Dear Mr. Ashok,

Thanks for the intimation regarding the delay in the delivery schedule of  Palio. As you already know, I've booked a Palio Stile SLX (Petrol), Black color.

I would like to know if my car is among the 46 units that are going to be released in the month of September. If you can confirm this, I need to plan my course of action accordingly, like selling my existing car.

If my car is not in the lot of 46 mentioned above, I would like to avail your goodwill offer and retain my booking by taking a refund of Rs. 49,000/- and keeping a Rs. 1,000/- towards the booking for my Palio Stile SLX.

So, either way, a commitment on a delivery date range is very important to me, and I'm hoping to hear from you soon with the confirmation.

I appreciate both Prerana Motors and Fiat for the honest and transparent approach in this regard, and am looking forward for a long term relationship
with both.

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Selasa, 24 Agustus 2010

about oil and other lubricant additives

Never been much of one to use them but at a car show a couple years ago I won a big Lucas Oil Products pack. There are several of the Lucas Oil Heavy Duty Oil Satabilizer quarts. After reading the label it would seem a good product to use in the rear end of a Crosley, or the tranny or whatever. But again I've not used such stuff before and would like some feedback from some of you more expierenced Crosley afficianados. And not just Lucas products but any others you have experience with.

Now the Heavy Duty Oil Stabilizer label says you can mix 50% all the way to a straight 100% in the differential. Now don't know about 100% but a blend sounds feasible. I have a friend who drag races a Comp Elim dragster and he swears by the stuff but agin that's his experience with it. do some digging   lucas oil was investigated and ther product claims were not so was  on internet so give it a try  they got fined for false and misleading advertisement

Lucas----Abra-Kadabara I a few years ago  added the Lucas oil oil stabilizer to my crankcase because I saw an animate display at Pimp Boys featuring Lucas oil stabilizer {their product added to conventional oil vs. conventional oil only}. The display featured a see through contraption with gears that actually for some reason which I forget makes you want to buy the stuff for your engine at bout 9 bucks a quart at the time. Instant gratification I experienced upon install.. The very next day I did an internet search on the stuff and ran across a website hosted by an oil engineer. His display showed that this stuff actually takes on air from the oil pump gear action and through engine breathing enough to whip this stuff up into a frothy solution adding no lubricating qualities but rather in a negative effect. I immediately changed oil and filter again and filled the motor with the diesel rated oil because at that time Shell Rotella  had ZDDP{zinc}still in its formulation It is very kind to older engines innards because of their metallurgical make up. Cams, lifters as in flat tappet engines  Studebaker V8 for one.  I now use conventional off the shelf oil and add a small bottle of ZDDP.  jimmijim PS. good clean filtered oil for engine life. Not snake oil

I've used it in the TVR with no problems but it wasn't 60 years old. I would be concerned with the seals not liking it and causing leakage. If your not having problems with your current gear lube it might be better to leave it be.
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Minggu, 22 Agustus 2010

Super Sport frame

I will take my SS to work today and shoot some pics of the underside.  Also I will give you a call about the clutch / brake shaft.

If you boys find important differences I think we all would like to know.

I'm not aware of any, but knowing Crosley and their continuous evolution, it's quite possible............p

My master cylinder and the brake line half way down the tube were gone. Question is, is there a flex brake line jumping from the master cylinder to the rear brake line running down the torque tube, or is it hard line all the way ? I know there is not much movement up and down at the front of the tube but there is some.
 there is a flex line.
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Selasa, 17 Agustus 2010

HI recently booked a palio sdx (delivery date issue)

Congrats. Then Manish Agarwal is not in the position now. Please contact Mr.Narendar Tripathi.
 I booked on May 27th and still they dont have any clear plans for delivery, is
there any contact person in FIAT , if so please let me the number.I am kind of
tired contacting manish agarwal(FIAT) he doesnt pick my call at all.

I had booked it on 12th June, and I am expected to get it in the first lot
in Sept, you might have to wait till Oct for yours, follow up with Fiat
directly, the dealers cant help!

Send me your details of Booking.

Dealer Name,Model,Date of Booking amount paid & commitment made etc,

I would take this up with relevant stakeholder's.  I booked on May 27th and still they dont have any clear plans for delivery, is  there any contact person in FIAT , if so please let me the number.I am kind of
tired contacting manish agarwal(FIAT) he doesnt pick my call at all.

I booked Exotica Red MJD SDX with KHT Motors,Bangalore on May 27th.Booking amount made is Rs.50000/- and initially i booked 2009 model then after a month they told 2009 is out of stock around june last week i booked 2010 again.I was told i will get the vehicle in first lot of august but since last week there seems to be some information floated down from FIAT that they are not going to take Palio Stile productions at all.
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Minggu, 15 Agustus 2010

For Sale: Fiberglass Special - $3000 or BO - VT

Here is a great looking custom for someone. The owner was a past member of CAC and has passed and his children/grandchildren have decided to sell his car. The info is a little sketch because it is second hand from memory. Here is the Granddaughters description as she was told.

"My grandfather was a member of the Crosley club for many years - Frank Stites. He has sadly passed away and the beautiful car has been sitting in our (once his) barn and unfortunately his children do not have the time or the ability to care for and utilize this car. I am not a mechanic and although it was used at my wedding, he was suffering with Alzheimers and has fiddled with it enough so that no one can figure out how to make it go. That said, It is here, we would like someone with some knowledge and love for Crosley's to have it.

Here is what I know:
Original 1954 24 HP engine
engine 56 HP when running 2x the original
Italian Transmission
- no synchromesh 1st + 2nd
Positraction Rear end

There are 2 "extra" engines in the barn too, not sure what they are but come with the car. Originally built for Jim Canna Racing Built in dining room of home and my grandmother designed the fiberglass body. it is white, canvas top when not in use."

I asked about engine, trasmission and racing history if any.

"I am going off my uncle and dad's poor memory of the the car. It is the original engine that he somehow made double the horsepower... there are 2 extra engines and possibly an extra transmission in the barn of which I know nothing about. It is a 4 speed. sadly, there is no written documentation about the racing, if there ever was any information it has been lost."

I asked if the garage picture was current and if the car was inside or out.

The photo from the garage is the one I could find on the computer, probably 5 years old, the others are very current. We pushed the car out of the garage - probably 3 weeks ago now... The grass grows so fast up here it is long, and the tires are a bit low I think. We will put it back in the barn with all it's covers today. We would really like it to go fast and to a person who loves Crosley's."

$3000 or best offer.
Sara Stites (Manns) <>
Home: 802-457-2313

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Jumat, 13 Agustus 2010

Spare Tire Bracket

I have seen some cars such as HotShot have a spare mounted onto the rear deck. Is this an accessory that could of been ordered or have people fabricated these brackets?  Thanks, I am about 4 day old member and crosley owner.
Welcome aboard - that spare tire - continental spare - came on the Hotshot and Super Sports roadsters from the factory. There is a bracket mounted on the deck that some owners (and at least one dealer that Iknow of) bought from Crosley parts and added to sedans and convertibles.

My 50 super sedan CD came with one on it when I bought it. Are you saying it could of been an accessory item that came with the car when they bought it? I was thinking someone came up with this idea themselves.

Not as a factory accessory for the sedans, but as the replacement VC part was available from Crosley, it could be purchased and added toanything else by a dealer or owner. Charlie Nicholas, a Crosley dealerin Minnesota added many to the sedans and convertibles he sold from 1950 thru 1952. The rear bumper was spaced out a bit and the center of the splash pan was often cut out. He also added 1949-50 ford taillights to some of these to "trim" them out. These are NOT factory or approved
accessories in a judged class, but kinda fun to see.  

My Crosley J convertible has a continental spare. The mount is actually a center from a front hub that was carefully turned down. The center of the hub is mounted on a pipe. A "vee" reinforcement runs inside the body from the hub mount down to the floor of the "trunk".
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Rabu, 11 Agustus 2010

Bangalore - Chennai - Coimby PUG Monsoon meet !

I agree with Dhanraj.. Please join us for the meet. We will wait for you in Krishnagiri.. I'm sure other will join in up coming meets or may plan to join this meet during rest of this week..

Here is my plan.. I'll be joining the drive from chennai until salem / yercaud on my 1.2 NV and planned to go to my native ( Perundurai ) on saturday night.. And join the drive from coimby group on sunday morning back to yercaud.. Why are you dropping out, if you and rohan have confirmed then come down, lets have a whale of a time. U still have time to convince the others. 

Only the Bangalore leg is cancelled due to poor turn outs (only myself & Rohan had confirmed). Those willing to join this trip from Blore, please get in touch with Dhanraj, since I've now dropped out from this meet. the event has not cancelled, chennai and CBe PUG members planned to meet as per the schedule. 

However CBE members willbe reachingyerkaud on sunday early mornig i beleive. from chennai myself along with chithambaram,sreenivas Thiyagarajan will be leaving Chennai on saturday early morning and will be there for two days. however sreenivas may be visitinghis native erode on saturday and join with CBE members on sunday early morning. LEts make this event happen eventhough less number osmembers attending.

I am a recent joinee of PUG and was very much looking forward to this meet as it would have been my first brush with palio enthusiasts. You are one of the strong pillars of the Bangalore Gang for PUG and I have also seen your posts on Team-bhp.. was really looking forward to meeting you all. But I am to leave to the US the following week and have some jobs I need to finish before that which is preventing me from joining the meet. Please don't abandon the meet. I have been through situations where I have organised some stuff and ppl hav ditched at the last moment.. but still its ok. Those who make it will be the people who will really matter anyways.

So plz.. go ahead and have some fun. Will hopefully catch up once I am back.

Can we plan some dress code for the meet? May be blue jeans and red/black T-shirts. Wanted to request one more thing, if possible we will not use horn during the meet. A small tribute to Dr.TRRK. Its just a suggestion.

Thank you for your enthusiasm, we hope that others are as enthused as you in context of this meet. I have been exchanging several rounds of communication on the venue. In fact Rudrah was at Panshet last week at the same spot as shared by Ashish some weeks ago. Though this place is scenic the road leading to this place is narrow & there could an issue with parking so many cars in this area. Also, the hotel itself is very basic & food is nothing to rave about.In summary, this place looks to be good for a family outing where you get food from home but doesn't look very exciting when we have guys meeting.

We are working on other leads which sound like good options & we welcome any suggestions from people here for places which are convinient for both Mumbai & Pune members. We should be able to share the final venue details by the end of this week.
All those who want to come for this meet, just need to block their calendars for Sunday, 22nd Aug. The other pieces will fall in place by end of this week. Thats a fantastic idea to pay tribute to our dear friend Dr. TRRK.

Regarding the dress code, a blue jeans with black Tshirt (whatever design) would be fine thou. But that should be agreeable with everyone who are attending the meet.

I'm still surprise no newbies have shown interest for this meet. I hope we get large nos if compared with the frequency of new members joining each day.

This destination looks very interesting indeed. I am badly looking forward to this break and a refreshing drive down the coast. We need to drum up some interesting stuff to get more partiticapation from the puggers here. 

Any suggestions, freebies, PUG stickers etc? 
I was wondering if we could get some keychains made with the PUG logo, as it is something that goes with the car all the time. I have some PUG stickers with me which I plan to give out at the Mumbai-Pune meet.

Also, let's see what magic Harshad is able to come up with the key-chains.
BTW, I feel very tempted not to part with the PUG stickers that I have with me because they are Dr. Rajesh's memories but if the good Doc himself wanted to pass his goodness around to other people, who am I to hold onto these.  Couple of ideas. Both outcome of the driver seat positions. Need your opinions on these.

The driver seat position, I feel, is not perfect. When I go closer to the dash, my knee brushes on the well and don't feel comfortable. When I push back, I find myself stretched to reach the gear lever, particularly in the
1st gear and a little bit on the 3rd gear. I find myself leaning to change the gears. I am 5'10". Also, when I push back the passenger (when present) knee is hitting my back (of the seat).

1. Can I get an alternate gear lever that is bent back, so it is easy to reach lever at 1st position. Recently, I drove a friend's Getz. The gear lever is better positioned than in Adventure. No need to lean forward. So, can bent gear lever be used? I know the reverse gear tab is going to be a problem and a simple trick of bending won't work.
2. With so much of space available in the rear (being a wagon), it is a pity that the rear leg room is awful. I feel, it is lesser than that of Palio or Petra. Any chance of pushing the rear seat a bit back?

We have a recommendation of a place called Doctor's Farm ( at Kolad for our Mumbai-Pune meet. This place is about 75 kms from Panvel(via Mumbai-Goa highway) & 100 kms from Pune(via Mulshi). I spoke to the owner of this place & here are the highlights:

1) This place is a farmhouse which is close to the Kundalika river & has a big garden. It is surrounded by hills & has a lot of green cover with  a serene atmosphere.

2) It serves veg/non-veg unlimited buffet meals @ 300 bucks per head. Veg/non-veg starters are charged extra

3) They serve Kingfisher mild beer @ 150 bucks but the owner said that we can get our own beers & hard drinks if we wan to. Soft-drinks will be available there at prices which is slightly over the MRP but not too expensive as well

4) They have the option of boating, fishing in the river & swimming in their pool for those who want to undertake these activities

5) Plenty of parking available

6) If it doesn't rain that day, the owner said that he can give us seating on the terrace with tables. The terrace has a good view of the Kundalika river.
Let me know what you think. If anyone has visited this place, let us know your feedback. If you have any other recommendations, do let us know.
We are just 10 days away from our meet. Those who have not yet confirmed their presence, kindly send your confirmations to Rudrah(for Mumbai) & me(for Pune).
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Selasa, 10 Agustus 2010

Information about engine oils

I was planning to change the engine oil of my vehicle Palio 1.9D ELX. Was doing some research on the internet and found the following site:-

See if this is of some help for people like me who know very little about car engines and other mechanical stuff .

Wonderful find Gaurav. It helped me a lot as my condition is similar to that of  you.

this is holy grail for someone like me who has just got started into cars. thanks a lot gaurav, for sharing the link.-------------------
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Senin, 09 Agustus 2010

carb and timing

Today I drove my Hotshot for the first time since the engine was out of the car, has had work done on it (including the lower pinion gear for the cam drive) and among other things including a nice rebuilt carb I bought from Chuck K. The car starts perfectly, idles nice, sounds good except when you give it heavy gas off of idle it makes a little popping sound (not much). 

When I drive it, it has a lack of power above middle RPM's and when giving it throttle under load it make a slight popping (doesn't sound like pinging). When I shut off the engine you can see my remote glass fuel filter (mounted slightly lower than the fuel pump) has gas rise and fall 3/8" in the glass filter bowl and when you look down the throat of the carb there is gas pulsing into the throat above the closed the butterfly for a 1 or 2 minutes.

It sounds like burnt intake valves.

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Minggu, 08 Agustus 2010

47' Roundside

I looked again last night, the indention is on the inside. What colors was offered for the roundsides??
Congrats on your roundside. I just went and checked mine. It has the two vertical ribs with the embosses to the outside. There is not a horizontal rib on mine either. Just background info, my roundside was owned by a local Rexhall Drug store here in Eastern NC and still has the Rexhall orange paint (though very faded) with bright blue trim and lettering. My first car was a companion 52 Croslet wagon owned by the same store. I paid $40.00 for it in 1963. It too had the store colors, but I quickly got rid of the orange and blue paint job on it. It just wasn't cool for High School.

I am the new happy owner of a 47' Roundside! Was just delivered to me last night, it needs total retoration, but it is in pretty good shape, should be fairly easy. I hope too start on it after the youth project is pretty well done.

I have a question. I noticed below the back window on some of the roundsides there is a line about a foot long, I know it was put there to make the metal more stronger. Mine does not have one, is this something they did on the later models or what?? Just curious.

You could get the pickup in any of the colors that was offered for 47 by Crosley. You can get a general idea by getting that past issue of the Quarterly that has the paint colors in it, or you can get the specific paint color sheets by renting them from the club. Over on the Photos Jim has a color chart for the 46-48s. Under Restoration, I have noticed that some trucks have thr brace behind the cab to bed and some do not. Of course you are going to go with grey paint just like your sedan..... 

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Jumat, 06 Agustus 2010

1/4 mile record

I would love a twin engine like the famous "Freight Train"! It could be the "Choo Choo Train"!! This car Is Too nice to change, I would build a new chassis. with 8.25--15 tires it should go faster than 62 mph--might be time to try a lighter flywheel. If your racer is one built by Chucky K you have a much prettyer rail. Look at Nicks and see what I mean. How bout puttin another ciba in front of the other one? 

I got it all the way up to 62mph! Long ways to 117!! Sure is fun trying! 
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Senin, 02 Agustus 2010


I was explaining to Dad today about PUG. He is not a computer and internet buff. Just enough awareness to survive in today's world. So, this thought crossed our minds - why Palio Users Group; why not Palio Owner's Group? We are owners, not users. We are lovers, not drivers. Just a thought. Welcome your views. But not sure if we can just rename the group like that.

This brings to mind something that happened some years ago in a housing colony where we were staying in a rented house. Everything was fine between residents till somebody suggested that the association should be called 'Owners' association not 'Resident's' association. Before this matter was settled, we moved out because relationships turned ugly.

Who cares if you own your Palio or hire it, or borrow it or even stole it. Basically if you are a user, that should be sufficient to justify the present name of the group. Here we have people who might own a Palio, or, might have owned a Palio, or, someone who might be thing of owning one, or is there just for the interest in a Palio. (Read FIAT instead of Palio, technically I too dont own a Palio but a Petra and a Punto) And, what do you want to do with individuals like Doc Pullokaran and Gemi Thomas? They owned Fiats and contributed so much to this group, and still continue to do so.

Will they have to quit if this group becomes POG because they are no longer owners?

Such kind of Pandora's boxes are best left alone.Or rather non-existent right now. So these kind of issues are best when they are not raised at all.

Thank you for throwing light on the issue. I totally agree with what you have quoted. Everybody, Please do not take this message personally. It was just a casual and inquisitive message. Having said that, I would like to apologize to anyone who felt hurt or uncomfortable due to this message. Further on, I would like to request everyone not to reply to this thread so that we all don't go on a tangent. I'm not going to delete the thread and leave it here in the right spirit of the 'forum'.
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