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Selasa, 23 Agustus 2011

48 pickup

If am kind of new to all of this but if i can help, I,m only about 50 miles from the pickup in Utah.

Does this truck look like a cut down station wagon to anyone else? I would want to look very carefully.

Looks like the real thing to me, roundsides are harder too find and are more desirable, If you buy it send me the vin number for the cc registry.

I am wrong, are you talking about the one in California or Utah? The one in Ca is a roundside, but I think the one in Utah is a wagon converted to a truck

I talked to the seller. It's been a truck as long as he's had it, but it sounds like it is a cut-down wagon. it doesn't have the proper forward-angled bulkhead behind the seats. should be like this: He's also not sure if he has the gauges. still, could be a good project for someone if they don't mind that it's a custom.

The Utah "truck" is the one I think looks like a cut down wagon......

You may be right. I took another look and the photos are to bad to tell for sure but looking at them thinking cut down instead of pickup there are some inconsistencies in the fuzzy parts around the front of the bed.
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Minggu, 14 Agustus 2011


How bout it boys an girls. Let's do it again after the Utica meet. Huh huh, Pleeeeese! 


Don't wait.... come on up to Pa. this weekend and attend the Keystone meet. I'm not sure Barry Seel will be back from vacation in time for it, but I think so. I'll even steal your hubcaps!!!

not this weekend, the following weekend. If JC Whitney starts selling repo's of Coveted Crosley Chrome Covers' Y'all iz out of bid-niz. Real Wheel Seel Steal has become an International Hub Hassle Hustle. (Barry, that is) Cover Converters Congregate Conveniently at Crosley Conventions. This Tire Trim Trivia approaches acts of the Wiper Swiper Windshield Scraper Caper of Wiper Viper Diver Dave's Vacuum motor Villainous Vexations.

Peteys parade of pesky puns ar positivly painfull! 

You gonna show at Utica this year? You made that promise last year. You know you miss that canal.

If Cut comes to Utica, he can make a detour to J.C. Whitney. They're only about 2 miles from Utica. I'm sure with Cut's talents he'll find something at J.C. Whitney that he can put on a Crosley. If not hubcaps, how about a lovely flying swan hood decoration?
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