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Sabtu, 25 Februari 2012

M151 dilemma

I have a dilemma, I have an M151 (A0). The rear end had been torched to the point that I need to fit a total new rear end. (I just created an album called "John TX"). I can get a partial (ex factory) rear end but it is for the M151 A2. My question is whether this is a no-no. I want to restore it to "deployment" status and not factory condition. So the question is would a repair facility in the military have done this retrofit. I am hoping not to modify the A2 rear to match (A0/A1). 

Well I would say there is no text book answer. If you want to make it deployment ready and not year and model correct I would say it would not be unusual that you would find mixed parts like that. When I did my A1 a while ago I used some A2 parts cause they were what I wanted. I did the A1 stuff as well so it was a simple matter of parts change. But the wiring harness I used an A2 harness. When you go to war you use what you have so that would be normal to have subsitutions like that.

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